Saturday, Saturday

This past week was the busiest and craziest we've had in a long time. We had swimming lessons every day and then VBS every night. Every night found us arriving home around 9:45 and rushing the kids to bed since it was an hour and half past bed time. Despite not having a chance to catch my breath, it was a fun week and both kids loved every second of both of the activities that kept us busy.

I've told you before that I'm a Slacker Mom so this week was an unusual one for us. We usually limit the kids to one activity at a time and we like to spend the summers relaxing and just enjoying each other. Since we were already going against the flow, we decided to add a little more fun to our week.

We've lived here for over two years and have never visited the major theme park less than 20 miles away. All of our friends have season passes and rave about it but we haven't made the time to go. Something about two preschoolers in a crowded theme park in the dead heat of summer standing in line with the unwashed masses for a chance to ride a 45 second ride just didn't appeal to me. Call me an optimist.

We decided to give it a try yesterday and it wasn't that bad. Actually, it was really fun! The kids had a blast and Sister asked if we could move even closer so we could come there every day.

Today rolled around and I'm beat. My sweet husband let me sleep in while he took the kids to an appointment that we nearly forgot about. I'm actually blogging, with a nice large cup of coffee in hand and watching my idol, Paula Deen....all alone. In a quiet house. After sleeping in two hours past my usual wake up time. Oh Saturday, you have not disappointed.

Even better, we are heading out of town tomorrow for a couple of days in my favorite place, the Outer Banks. I'm thinking the busy week was worth it.