We Wear Short Shorts

Today, while I'm away sitting on the beach sipping fruity drinks, I have asked my good friend Amy of Wake Me When It's Over fame to come over and make the place spiffy for you all. She's funny, smart and beautiful. She's also one of my favorite girls ever. EVER. So, welcome her and show her some love.

I can't even begin to tell you how excited, honored and somewhat terrified I felt when Heather asked be to guest blog here. Seriously. She has a way of pulling us all in and I wasn't sure if I could live up to that. So I almost ran off and hid. But then I figured if Heather has enough faith in me to ask me to grace her blog as a guest poster then I better darn well jump at the chance. And then I had to come up with a topic. And at first I thought I'd go on and on about how great Heather is. That she's one of those people. You know. The kind where you think back to all the people you've known in your life and she sticks out. The kind that makes you say dang I was lucky to have met her. But then I realized you already knew that. And who wants to read about something they already know?

So I guess it's a good thing we went to the mall today. I found something I just couldn't bare to keep to myself!

Today Hubs and I took Captain Crazy Pants to the mall so he could burn off a little energy. His brothers are out of town vacationing with my parents so he's been a little bored without his playmates around. So we're sitting in the play area and out of no where Hubs blurts out "How do parents let their kids leave the house dressed like that"? I'm expecting a teen in emo garb to be walking by. You know the type, all black clothes, baggy, dark and dark make up. He's a little anti emo but I think he'll get a wake up call in 10 years or so. Anyway. When I look up I'm greeted by a couple of cheeks. And even though we were in the play area they weren't Cute and Rosy. Nope instead the gaggle of teenage girls walking by all have their rears hanging out of their short shorts. And we won't even get into the barely there tops. C'mon. I spend my days teaching my boy s about decency and how certain parts of the body aren't meant for show and tell and a measly trip to the mall totally contradicts me?! These girls shorts were so short in another inch their hoo haa's would have been showing. I thought for sure it was just this one group of girls, but as we strolled the mall we realized almost every teen girl in the mall had teeny tiny super tight shorts on. Now if this was my daughter she'd be grounded for a month for walking around with her unmentionables hanging out. But apparently that is the norm now. How did this happen? How did it become acceptable for young girls to flaunt their bodies like this?

All in all it was kind of ironic. A few days ago hubs and I were talking about how good some chicken wings from Hooters sounded. But neither of us was comfortable taking the boys there. And low and behold! The local mall was just crawling with Hooter's girls wannabes.

Sometimes you just can't win.