Grocery Shopping With a Three Year Old

Brother has become my grocery store companion lately and for the most part, he's awesome in that role.

No matter where we are, Brother loves to engage people in conversation and tell them stories. Since we shop at the commissary on base, we encounter a lot of senior citizens who have retired from the military. They always show Brother extra attention and he loves every second of it.

Before I continue, I'm just going to throw in a little tidbit of information about Brother. He only has one level of volume and that is LOUD. Now that I've put that out there, let's move on.

This morning as we did our shopping trip, an elderly gentleman approached Brother and asked how he was doing.

"Good, thanks!"

As the man patted his head and walked away, Brother turns to me.


I tried to distract him with Disney character shaped graham crackers but he wasn't having it. He just needed to know. Everyone around giggled except the man, who didn't turn back to look at us and I'm just praying that he didn't hear.

Two minutes later, we were in the meat aisle. I'm browsing the hamburger sales and Brother decides it's time for a little heart to heart.

"Mom, why don't you ever pray to God?"

Looking around to make sure our Pastor isn't shopping today, I say, "Son, of course I pray to God."


"Yes, Brother, I do."

"Well, I think you need to stop right now and pray with me."

"Brother, you really want to pray in the grocery store?"

"Yes. I think you need to pray right now and ask God to give us a baby. We need a baby. And, a pet. So, let's pray now."

Ya'll, I wish I was making this up. By the time this conversation was over, I expected people to start kneeling and laying hands on me in the hamburger section. They were so engaged that I had to smile and run away to keep from taking part in the "Ask Jesus for a baby and a dog" party that was about to take place.

Dear Lord, I pray that I can get my shopping done from now on when Brother is in preschool. Amen.