Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Kindergartners

Alternate title: Things That They Don't Tell You When You Give Birth

So, I know you're all tired of my ranting about how emotional I am now that Sister is spending all day at school and I promise that this isn't the same type of rant. It may be a distant cousin of that rant but it's not the same.

Let me give you a quick review of the things that are being discussed in our house now that we have a child in Kindergarten. Things I thought wouldn't come for a few more years.

We don't kiss boys at school. It pains me to type this and I can't provide many more details for fear of breaking down and needing one of you to come over and pick me up from the sobbing mess I'll become. There is a boy that has asked my daughter to be his girlfriend. She promptly told him that she wasn't allowed to be a girlfriend until she's 28 because her Daddy said so. He then asked if maybe someday they could get married. She said she would think about it. Then, she kissed him. It was just on the arm but people, it took her five full minutes to get to that part of the story and by that time I was hyperventilating. Oy.

It's ok to be "girlfriend" to a girl. Ok, wait. I definitely will elaborate on that one. Sister has a good friend at school who one day called her "girlfriend" in a way that was like, "Hey girlfriend, let's head over to the monkey bars." Sister, sticking to her guns on this rule, explained that she can't be a girlfriend until she's at least 28. I'm not sure we ever actually told her this but hey, at least she's trying to remember something we taught her while she's out kissing boys learning physics and phonics.

Sometimes boys are mean to you because they like you. The first two weeks of school, we thought we had a bully situation on the playground and Sister was upset about it. I was furious that this was happening so early and I went to chat with the teacher about it. Turns out, it's the boy from the first rule up there and he was just being, you know, a boy. Also, he's being a boy when he runs to hug her goodbye every day and asks her to marry him. Is it wrong to wish I could send Brother to school with her to beat this kid up?

For the love of all things holy, stop rolling your eyes. Stop saying words that aren't allowed here but happen to be just dandy at the house of your friends. Stop acting like everything I say is wrong. (Seriously, she went from believing every word that came out of my mouth to doubting me when I say ANYTHING. I'm pretty sure she doesn't even believe I'm her mother anymore.)

I did get a glimpse of the girl I used to know this weekend when she came and curled up next to me on the couch to snuggle while we watched a movie. That night, we were talking about our favorite part of the day and she assured me that her very favorite part of every day is her snuggle time with me. I'm holding on to that, little girl, I'm holding on to that so tightly.

I wanted to tell you all, I'm over at Beth's place (I Should Be Folding Laundry) today guest posting while she's away. Take a look!