My BFF(s)

I'd like to introduce you all to my BFF lineup. I've talked endlessly about my real life friends and I think it's high time to introduce you to the group of folks who fall into the category of "Friends Who Don't Yet Know They Are Friends." Following will be a list of people whom I obsess over adore and feel that I should share their greatness with you. You're welcome.

Stacy London & Clinton Kelly

Oh, these two. I could watch them endlessly. I love hearing their fashion rules. I love hearing Stacy shout, "Shut Up!" when she gets excited. Clinton is as cute as they come. I love it when he says something harsh about someone's ugly clothes but then immediately tries to make sure they feel the love so they won't be hurt. Don't even get me started on Stacy's hair. The woman is gorgeous. She's right on with every single thing she wears. Clinton, I'm sorry I can't say the same for you, sweetie. Don't worry, by the end of every show, I've convinced myself that you look adorable despite what I thought at first glance. (See what I did there? I pulled a Clinton trying to make him feel better about just busting on his striped pants with plaid sweater.) I don't dress nearly as badly as the folks on their show but I still secretly hope that they will spot me at the mall on a particularly horrible day and teach me their fashion ways.

Paula Deen
I wouldn't be a good southern woman if I didn't love Paula Deen. She reminds me of so many women that were important to me when I was a child. I love her southern cooking. I love her cute little accent. I love her sons. Ahem. She's just all around adorable. Paula, Stacy and Clinton all occupy most of the space on my DVR. Sister loves Paula even more than I do. Friday nights, I let her stay up a little late to watch Paula's show with me. We talk about the recipes and which we'd like to make. We talk about how pretty her hair is. If you don't tell anyone, I'll admit to you that there may have been a time when I told Sister that it was ok to call her Grandma. Moving on.
Sharon Couto
If you aren't already reading Sharon's blog and checking out Mom Generations, stop what you're doing and go there now. I adore Sharon. She's classy, beautiful, hilarious and has a relationship with her daughters that every Mom dreams of. She once wrote about "Rules for Raising Daughters" and I've read her list so many times that I've almost got it memorized. She's the kind of lady you want to be like and you desperately want to know better. Every time I read her blog, I come away wondering if she'd be willing to adopt me. As for fashion? Sharon could teach Stacy & Clinton a thing or two. Just look at her. (I'm purposely overlooking the fanny pack incident here, for the sake of her daughters!) Want to know something else I love about her? She is still so madly in love with her sweetie of 32 years. She knows he's the hottest guy around isn't afraid to say it. I love that.
There you have it, friends. This is my top three BFF wanna-be list. Feel free to share your list with me because I'm always looking to expand my list. I'm friendly like that.