Tuesday, September 2, 2008

On The First Day of Kindergarten

Sister had her first day of Kindergarten today. There were a lot of smiles (from her), a lot of tears (from me) and tons of pictures (still stuck on the camera).

She made two new friends within her class. Apparently, these three girls (Sister and her friends) did everything together and decided that they are going to be best friends all year. I'd love to tell you the names of her friends but she forgot to ask. Names are a mere formality to a five year old.

As for me, I did ok. Just ok, not great. When it was time to leave her there, I started to cry despite willing myself for the last three days to just hold.it.together. Thankfully, I still have Brother and he didn't stop talking from the moment we left the school until we returned home with Sister this afternoon.

When you have a infant, all of the parents of older children go on and on about how fast time goes and how quickly they grow up. I would usually smile, nod and not really get what it was they were saying. I mean, sure. Time does go by quickly but come on. When you aren't sleeping through the night, you think it will last forever and just wish we could move on to the next phase already. Suddenly, it happens and you want it all back. You'd give anything to be up three times a night because it would mean they still need you. Being up to feed them every few hours would mean that they were still all yours, depending on you for their well being. Before you realize that you shouldn't have spent all of your time wishing for the next phase, you are sending them off with a larger than expected backpack to spend the majority of their day with someone else. Even though the someone else you are sending them to is a mother, it's not the same.

I'm almost done with my emotional overload over The Kindergarten. I promise that as of tonight, I've accepted it. I'm moving on. Until next week when Brother starts preschool. I need another baby, STAT.


  1. Who needs names when you have best friends. I love little kids in school. It is great.

    Doing ok is great. The first day is hardest. Sending our kids into the school world is scary. I caught myself holding my breathe a couple times today, just hoping that Boo had a great first day.

  2. Sharon - Mom GenerationsSeptember 3, 2008 at 7:40 PM

    You brought me back so many decades... and I still feel how you feel. You are so wise when you say that we should not be always looking for that next easy phase, because each phase does, in fact, bring all new joys and all new challenges. Now that I am a grandma, I have such a great grasp on enjoying each moment, each day, each child. I love your post today... you have great wisdom!

  3. baby baby baby!!!!!
    I like that idea go for number 3!!!!
    Another one of your children can only enhance the world!!
    Missing you so much wish I could have cried into coffee with you thinking of the day my boy would be going to school like sister.

  4. Yes! Another baby is the perfect solution... Happy POW!

  5. You DO need another baby you're right. That'll ease the pain no problem.

    I have slight envy for you having both at school I have to admit.

    But next year when I do I expect I will be the one crying.

  6. It will be hard for me next year too when my first starts school. Although I feel it will be MUCH harder with my youngest since he's the baby and all... (please don't let the time go too fast!)

  7. I'm sorry it was so emotional for you! Sometimes I think it's harder on us than it is on them! I hope things are going great for her so far!