Rebel Mom

After taking Sister to her first day of school earlier this week, Brother and I headed to Barnes & Noble for a little play time on the train table. A friend of ours was there with her kids, having just dropped her oldest off for her first day of kindergarten as well.

After Brother finished playing on the train table, he found a book and sat down to read. I helped him with some of the concepts (it was about learning to tell time) and when he was done, he got up to get another book. I was standing less than three feet from him as he chose his book. I was watching every move he made. He was browsing the books on one of those round spinning book shelves. Before long, he realized how much fun it was to watch it spin so he stopped looking for books and was just spinning, watching and giggling.

Let me back track a little to tell you that we visit this store often. Often enough that I could pick the employees from the kid's section out of a lineup. This day, there was a young man back there that I hadn't seen before. To say that he didn't look pleased with his assignment to this particular section would be putting it mildly.

Onto the story.

As I'm watching Brother, I hear someone say, "STOP spinning that!"

He was talking to Brother. I shot him a glance and then asked Brother to stop and come over with me to find a book. Without acknowledging me, the young man went back to typing on the computer.

We found a few books and went back over to the stage. When we were done reading, Brother and our friend's daughter started playing on the stage. Brother (need I remind you that he's a boy and he's three and we are in a KID'S section?) was jumping around.

Next thing I know, I hear the voice yelling from across the way.

"Stop jumping!"


I may be a slacker mom but I was right there. I was watching him. I knew he was spinning the dang rack and I knew he was jumping. I also knew he was so close to me that I could reach out and grab him without leaving my spot. Again, I'll remind you of where we were and how old my boy is.

This guy didn't once acknowledge me. He just snapped at my son. I was angry and embarrassed.

I chalked my emotions up to the fact that it was Sister's first day of school and I was desperately missing her. Maybe I was overreacting? My friend that was there witnessed the whole thing and assured me that I wasn't. But, it was her first day as the Mom of a Kindergartner so maybe she was emotional, too.

Fast forward a few hours. We went to pick Sister up from school. No one told us anything about this process so I arrived early so I'd have time to figure out what to do to retrieve her. I parked the car and Brother and I started heading towards the front of the school. The parking lot was devoid of people since we got there twenty minutes before we were supposed to pick her up.

"Ma'am! Ma'am! Excuse me!"

I looked around and saw a woman coming from the front of the school motioning to me.

"Ma'am, usually we have buses and cars using this parking lot so I'm going to have to ask you to practice using the crosswalks when you are at the school."

At that point, she was done and turned around to leave. I was on the verge of tears. I just wanted my daughter. I wanted to know where to get her. I was trying to get everything figured out before the chaos started.

Knowing that I needed to just suck it up, I called back to her. "Ma'am! I assure you that when there are buses here, I won't attempt to walk through them. I have no idea what I'm doing because this is my first day ever at this school and I'm trying to figure it all out. If you'd kindly point me to the place where I can retrieve my daughter after the bell, I'll happily walk 3.5 feet to the left and be within the lines of the crosswalk."

People, you are in the presence of a Rebel Mom. I let my kids wreak havoc on innocent bookstores and refuse to abide by the basic pedestrian laws. I color outside of the lines. Next thing you know, I'll be letting the kids eat ice cream for dinner or eat food after they've dropped it on the floor. Watch out, hang on to your books and get your buses out of the way!