Sick and Tired

It took longer than I thought but we have finally caught the "kids are back in school and sharing germs with a million other kids" bug. Sister and Brother started this whole thing with stuffy noses. (If they were older, I'd ground them.) Sister then progressed into a mild cough that mostly only showed up at night.

No big deal, right?

WRONG. Because, you see, I don't go to school every day and build up an immune system that rivals Fort Knox so when this bug got passed to me, it mutated and took over my entire being.

I started with the stuffy nose and that wasn't a big deal. Until last night when stuffy nose turned into body aches and a head that weighs 134 lbs. and throbs. (Props to Big Daddy who let me go to bed immediately after his special Birthday Dinner and took care of the dishes. ON HIS BIRTHDAY. What a guy.)

So, yeah. I'm sick. Normally, it's not a huge deal but I don't like to be normal. I like to do things just a little over the top. So, I decided to get sick on my husband's birthday and the night before the BIG, HUGE first kindergarten field trip which I was scheduled to chaperone. Sister was so excited about this trip. Not as much because of the destination (Pumpkin/Apple picking at a farm) but more because she was going to get to ride on a school bus for the first time. This is huge, folks. HUGE.

I woke up this morning and knew that going wasn't a good idea. First, I don't think the teacher would like it if I asked her to please help me carry my super heavy noggin while taking care of a gaggle of kindergartners. Second, I'm sure she'd love me for bringing the sick back to whence it came and let it spread through the class...Again.

Big Daddy stepped up, cleared his schedule and chaperoned the trip in my place. He promised to take plenty of pictures for me and to document the bus ride in great detail. I am feeling extremely mildly guilty about missing this but he's getting to experience it and he usually has to miss things like this so it's all good. Except that when he called to tell me they were on the road, I hung up the phone and cried like a baby.

Don't worry about me, though. Brother is here and taking good care of me. We're keeping company with Playhouse Disney and every 15 minutes, he leans over to kiss me. Then he asks, "Where's the bermomater? I need to take your fever."

Yes, friends, I am being well taken care of.