Sunday, November 2, 2008


I have a deep love for a good magazine. I realize that the term “good magazine” is relative and the publications that I enjoy may not be one you’d pick out of the stack.

I’ve told you about my love/hate relationship with Parents magazine. (I’m still contemplating that break up, by the way.)

But I wanted to share my other favorites with you and beg ask you to share yours with me. Partly because I just want to get to know you a little better and partly because I’m always looking for a new magazine to add to my long list of loves (Let’s keep that little secret between you and me, ok? No need getting Big Daddy all panicked because I’m about to subscribe to another magazine! Thanks!)

*Our State: This is a magazine all about my home state, North Carolina. I’m in love with it. I scour the articles looking for familiar faces & places and learning about a few new ones along the way. I love reading the articles written about the fabulous locals. I can’t get enough of it. I don’t subscribe but more often than not, I pick it up from Barnes & Noble every time I see a new one out. My dream job would be to write for this magazine and travel throughout my beloved state meeting these interesting people and finding these wonderful places.

*Paula Deen: Oh boy, my love for Paula runs deep. Her magazine is a treasure and I’ve never (EVER!) gotten rid of a single edition. I keep them. I re-read them. I drool over the food. This is probably the only magazine that I willingly will re-read. By willingly, I mean that it doesn’t go in the bathroom and I don’t pick it up just because I’m in there for a while and bored. Ahem.

*Southern Living: I’m seeing a theme in my magazine love list. I’m a southern girl who loves food and apparently, my reading selection reflects that.

*People: Hi, my name is Heather and I am a celebrity gossip-aholic. Of course, I will only partake in the classier version of gossip so I’m devoted to People and despise Perez Hilton. I can tell you either think less of me or just shouted a hearty, “AMEN!” at your screen. Continue.

*Self & Shape: I like these because I read them, see all the finely chiseled bodies and think, “I can totally do that!” because they make it all sound so simple. I mean, they do feature real people and their stories of how they got to their hotness. Then, I usually put it down and head to the kitchen for a pumpkin muffin that I made from a recipe in Southern Living and decide to promptly start my road to hotness in the morning. Again with the patterns.

Real Simple: Oh, to be as organized as they make me think I can be. I love you, Real Simple.

Share with me, are you a magazine junky or can you live without them? What are your favorites? I also want you to head over to my other blog and tell me what you do with your magazines once you're done reading them.


  1. I don't read magazines often, as I don't like to spend unneeded money, okay yes I do but often forget about magazines until I am broke. :)

    I do like reading the "good" ones about celebs, how they're doing good for themselves, interviews, and such. I don't contribute to the negitive ones.

    I also LOVE the cooking ones, I, too, and a cook-aholic! I LOVE IT.

  2. My husband is a magazine junkie (want to come to my home and sit on any one of my toilets?), and he reads all of his magazines from beginning to end. Business magazines, mostly.

    Because of this excessive glossy-paper overload, I do not subscribe to any magazines. BUT... I do read our equivalent to your Our State, I think. It is Rhode Island Monthly, and it is a beautiful publication with lots of information and lots of lovely photos of our little state. My guilty pleasure takes place at my hairdresser's salon. That's also where I catch up on Vogue, People, and a couple more. I am not cheap, mind you... I just love to love 'em and leave 'em! (And I get all my juicy gossip from Audrey and Jane anyway!!)...

    I have only been to North Carolina once... and I LOVED it. I am looking forward to your personal column in Our State to help me better prepare for my next visit!!

  3. I don't subscribe to a single magazine. Hard to believe I know. I just never take the time to actually sit down to read one unless I'm in the hair salon or doctor's office and then I read theirs. LOL If possible, I grab a People's or a Reader's Digest.


  4. I absolutely love Real Simple, I think it is probably the best magazine ever. I don't subscribe to it (or any other magazine) though. I check out older issues from the library...I'm just too cheap! ;)

  5. I am a book person, but magazines lost their gloss with me after I outgrew Seventeen.

    The internet is my magazine :)

  6. I just got the first issue of Food NEtwork Magazine today. I don't know how good it is, but just the thought of it is exciting!

  7. Well not a magazine junkie here and am wondering where I will find the time to finish the back issues. I have let all my subscriptions lapse moving overseas except for Parents. One main reason is I haven't read all the issues I already have:)
    When I get home to the states I will resubscribe to my favorites - Cooking Light and Oxygen! The recipes are awesome in Cooking Light plus it has the added benefit of lowering the guilt level. I also love Oxygen for its real life fitness stories and creative ways to keep me hitting the weights.

  8. I never "buy" any magazines... but my mom owns a scrapbooking store, so I read all of those!

    when I'm done, I use them in my 1st grade class for reading or art projects.

  9. I have a subscription to "Lucky" and "In Style" both a present from my mom. Is she trying to secretly tell me something?...
    I LOVE "Domino" it gives me inspiration for decorating my home. I guess I have a (style) theme, but haven't acted on it yet!