Sunday, November 9, 2008

Minivan Holdout

I'm one of the last of a dying breed. The Minivan Holdout. Most of my sweet friends now drive one and they have tried for a couple of years to convert me. There have been times I've actually allowed the possibility to play out in my mind but suddenly, I'm brought back to reality by the soothing sound of my husband's adamant pleas. He's a Holdout, as well.

I'll admit that the thought of automatic doors is alluring. Heck, the idea that the kids could even walk to their seats without kicking, blocking and fighting with each other in the small space afforded us in our current vehicle is almost enough to turn me from Holdout to Convert. Then I realize that my kids are almost old enough to open their own doors and they will find a way to fight no matter how large the space between them.

A year ago, I had a few more Holdouts on my speed dial. One of them caved and now is the proud owner of a Honda Odyssey. The other moved all the way to Japan and didn't even get to take a car with her. She's now traveling by boat and bus and going on the most amazing adventures. The other was my neighbor. I just knew she'd be with me to the end. Then, she had her second baby two months ago. Now she tells me that they are thinking about crossing over to the dark side of minivan driving. I begged and pleaded with her but I don't think she's listening.

To matters worse, her husband reminded both of us that we are in our 30's with two kids each and no matter what we drive, we bid goodbye to cool cars long ago.

Thanks for that.

If we do have another baby, we can always just cram them in like sardines. I'll claim it's to promote a type of sibling bond that can only be achieved with close proximity. Then, I'll lose my ever loving mind on each road trip we take from here on out.

At least when my kids are tending to me in my incapacitated mental state, they will be able to agree on which home to send me know, since they are so close and all.


  1. I think there are lots of cool family cars. I am a holdout too. My husband is so very anit-minivan so I don't see us ever having one. I love my sporty sophisticated german station wagon. Hold Strong!

  2. lol! Still holding out huh? I love my minivan..... but haven't driven it once since we got our Rendevous in March. LOVE LOVE LOVE that thing!! It fits 7 so much better than the van (w/3 car seats). Just not a lot of storage room (w/3 car seats).

  3. Come out to Cali. Sans bambinos. Me, you and the 'Vette on PCH. Promise :)

  4. HOLDOUT???

    You are CRAZY!! Minivans are seriously the best. THE BEST.

    A Honda Odyssey driver
    (an ex-holdout)

  5. We're not at a point yet where a minivan is at all necessary (we just have the one kid), but I'm thinking I'll be a hold out as well. I'm with you on the sibling togetherness and bonding. It worked for me when I was growing up!

    Thanks for stopping by during the carnival. Come visit anytime!

  6. Too funny! I never had a minivan, but I did drive a station wagon years (and years) ago when my kids were little. Yuck!


  7. Way back in 1984 (hmmmm... is this a novel!?), my husband and I had 4 kids between the ages of 4 and 13. Yes, we NEEDED to purchase one of the first Dodge Caravans off the assembly line. I must admit... that Caravan (or as Jane called it back then, a car-or-van) took us to New Hampshire, Canada, Washington D.C., Florida and everywhere in-between in the lap of contentment for all involved. I LOVED that car-or-van... but I must admit that my first Jeep in 1987 wasn't too shabby either. By then, Keith was almost 17 and driving his own little car! We all still talk about those days in that Caravan with such fond memories!

    Audrey and Adam were always in the back-back seat, Keith and Jane were in the second-seat... and that's how things worked smoothly. Of course, there were always those territorial moments, but nothing like when we had a small Toyota wagon. Talk about cramped!

    BUT... I certainly understand your position completely. COMPLETELY!

    Besides Big Daddy is there to lean on - nice guy to lean on!
    I am be no horse power two leg power chick here in Japan but when we get home..... still NO minivan here baby.
    Ok so I have no idea what hot cars/SUVs there are out (my highlander is pining away for me in the states or is it vice versa?) for us parents but being 30something with kiddos is the new hot stuff - right!?!

  9. My boys are 8 and 10. I've been driving around in a Subaru Outback (station wagon) since my second one was born. Yeah, we can only handle one extra kid in carpools, but we've made it work. You can, too!
    Thanks for the Twitter follow! @moldymom

  10. Visiting from McMommy....I was a hold-out until I got preggo with #3; now, I am a convert. I don't even pretend that I look cool driving my Sienna, but it is practical and functional and spacious....just what we need for this moment in time.

    It's not so bad driving on the "dark side".

  11. I'm still "holding-out" myself.

    I had one as a rental while my car was being fixed back in September and it was nice to have the extra room (epecially since I haul 2 kids around during the week since I baby-sit a little girl.)

    If we get one it will be an Odyssey b/c we are Honda people too. But right now, I love my CR-V!

  12. Three letters from one "Holdout" to another: SUV! I love my Expedition, but I do have the same visions you reported...envisioning those automatic opening doors and such. Most of the time, I just cram the 3 carseats (and the double stroller and the single stroller) into the Saturn Vue...I'm crazy that way, but it's got a sunroof and I refuse to completely grow up.

  13. Haha. Minivan Holdout. Love it. I'm with you...I know they're nice. I've even caught myself googling the grand caravan and marveling at the swivel chairs, tables for games, automatic doors, DVD players...It all looks so appealing. And yet, I just bought a new Jeep...Can't seem to make the plunge.

  14. Honestly the mini van isn't that bad. We don't have ours anymore and are now down to just hubbies tiny sedan with three kids two still in car seats. It's not easy. I miss all that room. I can't wait till we're able to replace my mini van ;).

  15. Just found your blog from McMommy, love it! I caved in a year ago after baby #3 arrived, the kids named our Toyota Sienna the "Mommy Van" sounds young and hip right?

  16. Say NO to the minivan--I have four and we are just fine in a Volvo SUV--and much cooler ;)

    Both hubby and I hate minivans--I hate them because of the way the front slopes down and I am sure I would take out a mailbox, dog or person ;)

    Happy POW!