Minivan Holdout

I'm one of the last of a dying breed. The Minivan Holdout. Most of my sweet friends now drive one and they have tried for a couple of years to convert me. There have been times I've actually allowed the possibility to play out in my mind but suddenly, I'm brought back to reality by the soothing sound of my husband's adamant pleas. He's a Holdout, as well.

I'll admit that the thought of automatic doors is alluring. Heck, the idea that the kids could even walk to their seats without kicking, blocking and fighting with each other in the small space afforded us in our current vehicle is almost enough to turn me from Holdout to Convert. Then I realize that my kids are almost old enough to open their own doors and they will find a way to fight no matter how large the space between them.

A year ago, I had a few more Holdouts on my speed dial. One of them caved and now is the proud owner of a Honda Odyssey. The other moved all the way to Japan and didn't even get to take a car with her. She's now traveling by boat and bus and going on the most amazing adventures. The other was my neighbor. I just knew she'd be with me to the end. Then, she had her second baby two months ago. Now she tells me that they are thinking about crossing over to the dark side of minivan driving. I begged and pleaded with her but I don't think she's listening.

To matters worse, her husband reminded both of us that we are in our 30's with two kids each and no matter what we drive, we bid goodbye to cool cars long ago.

Thanks for that.

If we do have another baby, we can always just cram them in like sardines. I'll claim it's to promote a type of sibling bond that can only be achieved with close proximity. Then, I'll lose my ever loving mind on each road trip we take from here on out.

At least when my kids are tending to me in my incapacitated mental state, they will be able to agree on which home to send me know, since they are so close and all.