The White House

We are currently in Washington, D.C. for a few days. Technically, we are in a suburb just outside of the city and we've been here for a few days already and are probably leaving today.

Man, I just can't get away with telling half the truth with you guys, can I?

We spent Saturday night in the city and spent all day Sunday touring with the kids. Big Daddy has had a conference here yesterday and today so we all tagged along to make it a family trip. (Don't worry, we are absentee voters so we voted weeks ago!)

Our first stop on Sunday was the White House.

Can I just say that there are a lot of white buildings in the District? I know this because our kids take THE White House to mean A white house. Every building we passed that was white, we heard, "There it is! Wait, is that it? That is a white house."

Kids and their literal interpretations.

Our kids know that President Bush lives in the White House but that in January he will move out and the new President will move in. I'll fill you in later about how we've had to tell our kids to stop talking politics with people because we actually thought it was a good idea to talk to them about the election process.

When we arrived at the White House, Sister pointed out that the flowers on the Rose Garden side were very beautiful. "Did President Bush plant all of those all by himself?"

I assured her that he did not plant the flowers there. She was confused because if it's his house, then it should be his responsibility to tend the garden.

Then, Brother had a burning question after we told them that the White House doesn't actually belong to the President but they are allowed to live there until they are done with the job. We told him that the they all have their own houses that they can go back to and yes, they still have a place to live when their term is over.

(As an aside, can't you just see the wheels turning with that kid? He was surely imagining President Bush sleeping on a bench in the park come January...because, yes, we had to also explain homelessness on this trip.)

Where was I? Oh yes, Brother's burning questions.

"Why can't they just stay in their own house while they are President?"

We give some sort of explanation. I'm sure it was accurate and intelligent.

"Well, while they are away and living in the White House, what if people go into their house?"

We tell him that they probably lock the door.

"Even the back door?"

I'm not sure if he has a future in security or as a burglar but the boy does have interesting questions.