Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 2009!

I don't usually make a lot of resolutions for the New Year. Sure, I always think of things that I want to do differently than the year before but I am pretty laid back about my approach.

In 2009, I have big plans.

2008 brought so many things for our family. Most of the things we learned were through trials that I didn't know if we'd make it through with our sanity in tact. We did and I feel stronger while being so much more aware of my weaknesses. I learned to lean more on the Lord than I've ever had to before. I said goodbye to my best friends and watched as they moved a world away. I sent my daughter to Kindergarten and realized how painful it was to do that.

In 2009, I just want to relax and enjoy this journey that we're all on. Sometimes I just need to remind myself to stop, breathe and take it all in. I'm learning.

In 2009, I will attend my first blogging conference and I couldn't be more excited. I may or may not get to move to a new state with my family. I will have frequent dance parties in my kitchen with a certain almost 4 and 5 year old. I will play countless kiddie board games and love it. I'll wipe noses and bottoms. I'll kiss boo boos. I'll kiss my husband more often. I'll love all of the people in my life more deliberately and selflessly.

I am so excited to see what the next year brings. I'm praying that it brings the fresh start that I've been needing.


  1. Happy 2009! I think I could take a cue from you and focus on keeping things laid back too.

  2. I've said this before and I mean it from the top and bottom of my heart... you have the wisdom of a sage. You are patient and kind and deeply thoughtful and fun and funny and so, so smart. I am sure you've been told you're "an old soul"... one who has been here before on many planes and from many times and places. You've seen things and corrected things and discovered things...

    I think, too, that I've told you my favorite quote of all time, one that I say over and over, many times each day. It comes from OUR TOWN, by Thornton Wilder. Emily has just died and the transition from life to death is still vague and she wants to "go back" for a little while. She is told not to... but when she is unrelenting, her (also deceased) mother-in-law tells her, "Choose an unimportant day. Choose the least important day in your life. It will be important enough." I read this play in high school, taught it each year for many years... and I live by that quote. I truly take each day, each moment and live it. The boo-boos, the dancing in the kitchen, the board games, the kisses... these are the stuff of life. The marvelous. The miraculous. The important.

    Emily did go back and realized that human beings don't realize what they are missing... the smell of coffee, new ironed dresses, clocks ticking, Mama's sunflowers...

    I keep a copy of OUR TOWN near me at all times... it is a gentle reminder to, as you write, "relax and enjoy the journey... breathe and take it all in." You know this already and that is why you are here on this earth. Teach it!