Thursday, December 4, 2008

Real or Fake: The Great Debate

Every Christmas since J. and I have been married, we have had a real Christmas tree. Unless you count the two Christmas seasons that we didn't have one.

I know. For shame, for shame.

There was our first Christmas when we were traveling from Montana back to the east coast for a few weeks during the holidays so we didn't see the point and there was no one to water it while we were away. Then, there was last year. The Awful Deployment of 2007. I couldn't bring myself to go out and lug one home without him here. I could have asked for help but I'm stubborn. Plus, I was just all around sad to be doing Christmas without him so we opted for the two tiny trees that we bought for the kids to put in their rooms.

Sorry about the rabbit trail, back to the tree debate.

This year, I made a passing suggestion to J. that maybe we should just get an artificial tree.

I think he heard me wrong and thought I said we should sell our first born to gypsies and adopt a reindeer.

I don't think he was fond of the idea. Don't get me wrong, I'm not convinced that it's what we should do but I was thinking about how much easier it would be on him putting it up with his still surgically wrapped hand. He said he'd suffer through the prickly pine needles and get a real tree.

It seems that some people have quite a strong preference about their Christmas tree. Do you? Real or fake? Is your preference true to how you were raised?


  1. Yep. This is a presidential-style debate.

    My fondest memories of my childhood are of heading to the outdoor Christmas tree vendors to pick out our tree. My Dad loved to decorate our tree, and he always picked one that was the perfect shape. I loved to see him, hear him... and, of course, fake trees didn't exist back then (well, maybe they did, but I certainly didn't know it). So one point for real tree - memories.

    When our kids were very little, we took them all to a little farm where they grew trees. At Christmas-time, they had a little trolley-train that took us way into the woods... we could bring our own saw or have one of the workers cut or ball the tree. With 2 boys, the cutting of the tree became as vitally fun as the bringing the tree home strapped on top of the car. We have photos and videos of YEARS of this... even when girlfriends and boyfriends and then wives and husbands and grandkids came into the picture. Another point for real tree - magnificent memories.

    We did this until 4 years ago. I bought a fake tree at Target at the end of the previous year just to have it. I never imagined it taking the place of a real tree... but it did. Our 2 sons always head North the day after Christmas to ski, so they have come to use fake trees. Jane's husband doesn't like the mess of a real tree. Audrey is the last hold-out... but they even bought a fake tree last season at 90% off. Hmmmm...

    Now my fake tree sits just about as proudly as my real ones with all their mess and fuss and clean-up. But I truly do VERY miss the family gathering to head to get our tree(s). I think we are missing something... and I know the grandkids are missing all those wonderful memories.

    You've got me thinking, though. I am going to suggest a family adventure to get real trees with balled roots to plant outside! The kids can have all the fun... and decorate their outdoor trees! Now if we could all just find the time...

    My advice: if Hubby wants real, then let it be. The memories are worth every dropped pine needle...

  2. ROFLMAO. I use to be really particular about it too, but ya know was when I lived at home and I didn't have to clean the damn needles off of the floor.

    we have a fake and I love it.

  3. We have always had fake, but that is an allergy thing. Both my mom and myself are severly allergic, benedryl doesn't help us much. I can't even go into friends houses until at least mid-january if they had a real tree.

    I wish we could have a real tree, the memories of hunting down the right one would be priceless!!

  4. Too funny! I'm just writing a post on the same thing! My grandmom gave us a fake tree last year and we had a 1 year old so we said we would only do the fake thing ONCE. Um... it was sooo easy! We have it up again this year.