I am my own worst critic.

I have a habit of pointing out my flaws to others before they have the chance to realize that they exist.

Often, I can't see who I really am because I'm studying my shortcomings so closely. It's nearsightedness of the worst kind.

I'm so much harder on myself than I am on others. In fact, I have criticised things about myself that I would admire about others.

It occurred to me almost a year ago this type of behavior is not only bad for me, it is horrible for my daughter. She is watching everything I do and taking notes. Some of the things that she sees in me will form the woman she will become. If I'm constantly critical of my weight, my hair, my loud voice or my undying love of musicals, what does that teach her? I want her to respect me and to love my quirks but more importantly, I want her to respect herself and love her own quirks.

I'm learning to embrace my flaws. I'm learning that maybe, just maybe, the things that I think are flaws aren't. Instead, they are little parts of what makes me who I am. They are things that the rest of the world probably wouldn't notice if I'd stop asking them to. Best of all, I'm learning that if my daughter grows up to be like me, she will be a woman who is tremendously blessed, loved and unapologetically herself.