Hang On Tight

There has been a lot of talk of friendship around our house lately.

Brother is always extremely interested in whether or not Sister considers him her friend. More times than not, the answer is yes but that can change quickly depending on his willingness to follow her every command.

When they are being friendly with one another, they are always eager to point it out to me. So, it came as no surprise a few days ago when we were driving down the road and Brother said, "Look, Mom! We're being friends!"

I looked in the rear view mirror and sure enough, they were holding hands and the grin on Brother's face was unmistakable.

Before I could comment, Sister piped up.

"Actually, it's not so much that we're friends, Brother. It's just that you won't let go of me."

It's all about perspective, baby.

It occurred to me that really, isn't that what makes a friendship solid? You hang on tight and you refuse to let go. You hold on to your beloved friends when life gets so busy that you forget to call each other for weeks. When one of you is grieving the loss of a child or a parent, you hold on for dear life and no matter how long this journey through immense pain takes, you never let go. When PMS is running rampant and she snaps at you for being late to lunch, you hold on because you know what it's like to be emotional and crampy. When she calls and tells you that her marriage is over, you cry with her and intertwine your fingers tightly with hers, assuring her that she will make it through this.

The bond that holds real friends together is often shared, two people putting in effort to grow a solid relationship. But sometimes, that bond becomes the strongest when one person loosens their grasp and the other holds on even tighter, refusing to let go.