Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One Man PR Team

I've had this blog for just under two years now. I told you several months back that I was just coming out of the blogging closet to a group of my closest girlfriends. Other than those ladies, most people in my real life don't know that I blog. I'm slowly coming around to telling people but it's really difficult for me to do for some reason.

Enter my husband. Since day one, he's been my biggest fan. He has been encouraging me to tell people about it and invite them to read. He's been telling the ladies at his office about my blog recently and handing them my card (with my blog address), inviting them to read. That's actually fine with me since I know those ladies and love them. (As an aside: Hi, ladies! Love ya!)

Last night he went a step further. We were at a birthday party and I was chatting with one of the other moms that I don't know very well. We had a nice chat and then she had to leave while I had to follow my kids through the maze that is Chuck E Cheese. Once we were in the car, J. proudly announced that he had given out his fifth of my cards for the day.

WHAT? To whom? Chuck E himself?

No. He gave it to the sweet lady I was chatting with. He thought she might enjoy reading here. Whew, boy. I love that man. I was a little embarrassed, though. I don't know why I was embarrassed but even now, I get all weird thinking about it. I'm so glad he's proud of me, really I am. I just have such a hard time self promoting.

In a little more than a week, I'm heading to Nashville for my very first blogging conference, Blissdom. I'm nervously excited to attend. I mean, seriously. Have you seen the lineup of speakers? Those are ladies that I was reading back in the days that I was still trying to dream up a clever name for my blog. If I can find sponsorship, I will head to Blogher this summer. I have so much to learn from these women who write these amazing words that speak directly to my heart each day. First, I have to get over this anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach every time I tell someone that I write and that I actually like to do it.


  1. How sweet is that?!

    I know what you mean though. I never dreamed when I started blogging that anyone would read what I wrote. I blogged for me...a journal of my day. It still blows me away to see how many people actually want to read my "stuff".


  2. I got goosebumps reading your blog!! I had the link but never clicked- I know bad friend!! I would give anything to be able to write (and sing:)) anyways, if I had the gift you have I would be telling the world.
    I love you and your blogging skills:)

  3. I'm so jealous that you're going to Blissdom! I had to really cut back on my online time. I'm going to a homeschool conference instead of blogging conferences this year. I'm happy to have my priorities in order, but I still miss being more a part of the community of bloggers like I once was!

  4. It sounds like you are like me. Very few of the real people in my life know that I have a blog. I'm very new at it, but I like that it's mine. I enjoy your site.

  5. Such a wonderful hubby you have! Mine likes to tell people that I blog, but never remembers the web address. lol

    I hope you have a great time at Blissdom! And I will only be a little jealous of you.