Preschool Playa

Brother talks about a particular little girl in his class often. He tells us that she's his best friend. Recently, he told us that she loves him but that she doesn't like kisses. He discovered this when he slid too close to her on the carpet and she told him not to get too close because she didn't like kisses.

Being a little gentleman, he assured her that he wouldn't try such a thing. Being his mother, I was glad to hear it.

A few days later, as I was buckling him into the car, he said, "Mom! Today at school, I got the hook-ups!"

Oh boy.

My mind starts racing. I mean, he's only four and he got the hook-up at preschool?

"What do you mean, buddy?"

"You know, I kept going HIC! HIC! and needed to get a drink of water."

Ahhh, the hiccups. Whew.