My Answers

1. How do you place the cups in your dishwasher? Directly on the prongs or in between the prongs?
In between! If the top is all full of them in between, I'll squeeze the remaining over the prongs.

2. How do you hang your toilet paper? Hanging over or hanging under?
Listen, this is very important stuff right here. OVER. Always OVER. When I'm in public restrooms I get angry when it's coming from under and it has a lock preventing me from changing it.

3. What are you feelings on Kanye West? Love him or leave him?
I enjoy some of his music but as a person, I find him to be a jerk. Not that I've ever met him in person. Just in interviews and you know, when he's attacking people and stuff that I find him to be a jerk.

4. Do you refrigerate your peanut butter or is it in your pantry?

5. Do you refrigerate your maple syrup or is it in your pantry?
If it's the real stuff, it has to go in the fridge, right? If it's Log Cabin or Mrs. Butterworth, pantry.

6. Do you put your bread in the refrigerator?
No and I'm not sure why I would do this?

7. If you found salad dressing in your refrigerator that expired 30 days prior, would you use it or dump it?
Let me be honest here and tell you that I once devoured some ranch dressing only to discover afterwards that it expired WAY more than 30 days prior and I didn't die. However, I was so grossed out by it that I usually check now. But also too, it would depend on how bad a hankering I had for some ranch. Was that too much honesty?

8. Do you say tissue or kleenex?

9. Finally, what are your feelings on cottage cheese? Scrumptious snack or disgusting?
There are grey areas here for me. I like it as a snack sometimes but it's one of those things that I have to really be in the mood for or else I'm not digging it.
Thanks for playing along!!