The Things You Really Want to Know

Yesterday, the lovely Beth talked about the tough questions of life. You know, the things you claim to know but realize that you could be wrong about. Today, I want to pass these tough questions along to you. Why? Because I'm nosey curious about how other people do things. I tend to think I'm always right but I've learned over the years that it's the little differences between us that make life more interesting. Still, I need to know. I won't judge you. Promise. My answers will go up tomorrow. Here goes:

1. How do you place the cups in your dishwasher? Directly on the prongs or in between the prongs?

2. How do you hang your toilet paper? Hanging over or hanging under?

3. What are you feelings on Kanye West? Love him or leave him?

4. Do you refrigerate your peanut butter or is it in your pantry?

5. Do you refrigerate your maple syrup or is it in your pantry?

6. Do you put your bread in the refrigerator?

7. If you found salad dressing in your refrigerator that expired 30 days prior, would you use it or dump it?

8. Do you say tissue or kleenex?

9. Finally, what are your feelings on cottage cheese? Scrumptious snack or disgusting?