Alone Time

I've seen the question a thousand times floating around the blogosphere and every time, I pause to think about my answer and then get caught up in a daydream. What would you do if you had an afternoon all to yourself?

If you're a Mom, I'll give you a second to get caught up in your own daydreams.

Yesterday, I left J.and the kids at home while I went out for a few hours. I didn't have anything pressing to do. There were no errands that needed to be done. In fact, I didn't even know where I was going when I left the house.

Here's what my afternoon looked like:

Get in the car and pop in a CD. Crank it loud because that's the only way Beastie Boys should be heard. (Don't start judging me yet, there's plenty of time for that.)

Go to the mall and score a FRONT row parking spot, a feat that should earn me a medal on a Saturday afternoon.

Walk around the mall at my own pace, wandering in an out of as many stores as I want. Actually try on clothes in a real live dressing room without anyone crawling on the floor to peek at the person in the stall next to us. Do not stop at Claire's because there's no five year old girl there to beg me. Pause for a moment to think about going into Claire's to get a surprise for the five year old girl but banish the thought when I realize Gap is having a sale next door.

Back in car, crank up the Brass Monkey and sing loudly. (Don't even act like you don't love the Brass Monkey.)

Wander aimlessly around Target without stopping at the crap dollar section. Find a cute dress and decide to try it on. Admire how great it looks. Try to get dressed so that I can look for shoes to match the hot dress. Holy Crap. The zipper is stuck. (I didn't even have to apologize for saying Holy Crap because there were no tiny ears listening!) Try for ten minutes to get zipper unstuck. Pause to thank God that I don't have the kids with me to ask inappropriate questions while I am contorting my body to yank at the zipper. Walk out of the dressing room, red faced, to find help. After the 12 year old dressing room attendant tries for 10 more minutes to get the zipper open, she declares it hopelessly stuck because the fabric is fraying around the teeth of the zipper. She finally resorts to cutting the zipper open, with real live scissors. Mossimo, you let me down with your beautiful dress with the crappy zipper.

Buy myself a Cherry Coke Zero on my way out of Target without the dress. Because nothing comforts me like a Cherry Coke Zero. Except maybe a real Cherry Coke but that comfort brings calories.

On my way out of the shopping center, I saw something that I've been hoping to see for weeks. GIRL SCOUTS. WITH COOKIES. Don't ask how many boxes I bought because I'm not telling. (It rhymes with heaven.) This comfort also brings calories but they don't count because it's a good cause. (Yes, you may judge now.)

I finished my aimless wandering and headed home, satisfied. Next time I see a meme with the question about a free afternoon, I'll totally know how to answer. Next time I have a free afternoon, I won't be lured by Mossimo and his trick zippers.