Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Strep Sucks

So, guess what? I have strep throat. Doesn't that sound like fun?

We've been on the road constantly for almost a month and are finally home and settling in and my throat decides that this would be the perfect time to declare war. I knew I should have had those pesky tonsils removed years ago.

In other news, there is no other news. I need you to come over and make me soup. This happens to be Big Daddy's busiest week at work in a long time and I have a calendar full of fun stuff that starts tomorrow so I need to be better STAT.

Can I tell you how bad it is to be stuck at home sick? Let me give you a hint. I'm watching The Rachel Ray show almost voluntarily. People, call 911. I'm clearly delusional. It helps that the hot doctor from Grey's Anatomy is on. You know, the one who just got back from Iraq and was dating Christine before he tried to off her in her sleep. I can't think of his name right now. Probably because I'm thisclose to asking McDreamy for a brain transplant after watching an hour of Rachel Ray.

In closing the most random post ever, I'll tell you that I'll be posting Hurley's latest shenanigans tomorrow. He's lucky he's so cute.


  1. I think we all just need some sunshine and warm weather!

  2. I hope you feel better very VERY soon. Strep does suck, we had it go through our house this fall and it was nasty.

    Hot Doctor is quite wonderful.

  3. I feel so badly for you. I wish I did live close by, because I would bring you soup and blankets and yes, even clean for you! I have been with Audrey for 9 days... her husband is out of town. In that time, she's had 3 kids each with double ear infections, 3 kids have had the stomach bug (well, both ways), and Audrey has been sick. The baby and I have escaped it all, and I am not going to say "so far." WE ARE NOT GOING TO GET SICK. WE ARE NOT GOING TO GET SICK. WE ARE NOT GOING TO GET SICK.

    Please rest and get well!! I am thinking about you and sending you virtual soup and super-virtual hugs!!

  4. So, guess what? 4:00am. The baby. Both ways. I could just melt into his sweet, innocent little eyes as he looks for help...

  5. Are you better yet missy? Because you better be, I don't want to have to take drastic measures to prevent the viewing of "that show" by you again.


  6. HEATHER!! Jay told me all about this blog!!! I think it is wonderful and I am telling all my friends...GOOD JOB Babe! Love and miss you guys!

  7. Feel better, strep really does suck! :(