Just When I Thought I Had Nothing To Blog About, I Do Something Like This

This afternoon, the kids were playing in the kitchen while I was in another room. All of a sudden, they both came running to me with their hands over their ears.

I didn't even have to ask why because I heard it, too.

There was a loud buzzing sound coming from our kitchen. We all went in to search for the source of the obnoxious noise. I searched in cabinets and opened and closed all of the appliances. I unplugged everything and re-plugged it.

Finally, I decided that the noise was coming from the ceiling. I can't imagine what in the world would be up there causing such a ruckus.

I gave up and called J. at work. I walked into the kitchen with the phone and he could hear it, too. He said it would be a while before he could get home to check it out but he'd be there when he could.

Hoping to figure it out before he had to come to the rescue, I asked the kids exactly what they were doing when the noise started. Sister was twirling on the Sit-N-Spin and Brother was getting water from the sink. Since neither of those activities had them anywhere near the ceiling, I sent them upstairs to play while I investigated further. I even put the dog outside so the buzzing wouldn't bother his delicate ears. I decided that we'd probably have to move because we'd never figure this out and I just can't live with that sound forever.

Before I got too carried away, J. arrived. He walked into the kitchen, picked up the Sit-N-Spin and flipped the button on the bottom. The noise stopped. He kissed me and said, "Love you! I'll be home in a while!"

I feel like the biggest dummy.

Stupid Playskool and your toys that go nuts when the batteries are dying. You're now on my bad list.