Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just When I Thought I Had Nothing To Blog About, I Do Something Like This

This afternoon, the kids were playing in the kitchen while I was in another room. All of a sudden, they both came running to me with their hands over their ears.

I didn't even have to ask why because I heard it, too.

There was a loud buzzing sound coming from our kitchen. We all went in to search for the source of the obnoxious noise. I searched in cabinets and opened and closed all of the appliances. I unplugged everything and re-plugged it.

Finally, I decided that the noise was coming from the ceiling. I can't imagine what in the world would be up there causing such a ruckus.

I gave up and called J. at work. I walked into the kitchen with the phone and he could hear it, too. He said it would be a while before he could get home to check it out but he'd be there when he could.

Hoping to figure it out before he had to come to the rescue, I asked the kids exactly what they were doing when the noise started. Sister was twirling on the Sit-N-Spin and Brother was getting water from the sink. Since neither of those activities had them anywhere near the ceiling, I sent them upstairs to play while I investigated further. I even put the dog outside so the buzzing wouldn't bother his delicate ears. I decided that we'd probably have to move because we'd never figure this out and I just can't live with that sound forever.

Before I got too carried away, J. arrived. He walked into the kitchen, picked up the Sit-N-Spin and flipped the button on the bottom. The noise stopped. He kissed me and said, "Love you! I'll be home in a while!"

I feel like the biggest dummy.

Stupid Playskool and your toys that go nuts when the batteries are dying. You're now on my bad list.


  1. hahahaha How funny! At least he knew what it was and didn't have to destroy things to find out!

  2. HA!! I've had similar experiences with toy phones that got stuck. Annoying.

  3. oh, how I hate toys that do that, we have a thomas train somewhere that WOO WOO's at its will.

  4. We have an Elmo that cackles from the vast regions of the toybox that likes to scare the bahjeezus out of me from time to time.

    Freaky... lemme tell you.

    Also, great pictures of you :)

  5. Here I thought it was a smoke alarm, but I guess you know what those sound like!

  6. Too funny! It's always nice to laugh at ourselves.

    Okay, here's mine:

    Last night we came home from going out to dinner. We both heard this weird noise in the garage and the laundry room by the garage. Neither of us could figure it out. It sounded like it was coming from the crawl space attic, but what could be up there?? This morning my husband discovered I didn't turn off the hose pipe last night when I was watering our new flowers I planted. The water had been on all night. Luckily, the squirt gun type thing keeps the water from coming out. What a dork I am...actually both of us since we couldn't figure out what it was. It sounded much louder than you would expect.


  7. I have to admit that you had me thinking... thinking... and I would never have thought BATTERIES! This is a great reminder of this age we live in... the sounds, in particular! We have battery operated toys, computers, televisions, telephones, airplanes, trains, iPods... all making our lives so easy and yet so noisy at the same time. Do you ever wish to head to the woods for awhile, like Henry David Thoreau? I know I do!

  8. LOL!!! Sounds totally like something that would happen at our house! Its amazing some of the sounds that come out of toys when the batteries are kaput!