Friday, April 24, 2009

Text Speak

Ever have one of those things that just drives you absolutely crazy and everyone around you seems to be doing it? That's how I feel about text speak. You know, the shorthand that people use in text messages to make it easier to type but a pain in the you know what to read?

(As an aside, I was going to link to a site I found with both a definition and a list of examples of text speak but when I started looking at the list, several of the things made me blush. Apparently, there's a side to this text speak that's just creepy.)

I love to text message as much as the next girl. It's quick, easy and saves me from making a phone call for something silly like making fun of my family members when their team loses.

What I just can't get into is using various shorthand versions of words to get my message out. I have trouble not capitalizing where I'm supposed to and using proper punctuation in my text messages, too. You call it an illness, I call it the right way to do things.

I can usually overlook when other people use text speak in messages to me but I can't bring myself to use it in return. I throw that in there because I don't want you feeling bad if you send me messages using your made up cute little language. However, there's one person that I'm having trouble overlooking and seriously, it's about to cause an issue.

I have a person on my friend list on Facebook that updates her status on there frequently. That's not the part that makes me want to poke my eyes with a sharp object scream. Her status updates are very long and she uses her own version of text speak rather than using real words. Let me give you an example.

Goin 2 the store 4 sum sketti. pray 4 mi baby boi cuz he is struglin wif skool. don no y. i lik to pik my noz n boogers r awesum. hav u sen my new har?

I have to stop there because my eyes are bleeding. If you add another seven incorrect sentences about nine times per day and you will see why I'm just about to abandon Facebook. It's making me crazy.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who is driven to the point of insanity by this? Next thing you know, people will start talking like they type and then you can officially call me crazy.


  1. I love texting too, but the ones that come accross like that drive me crazy! You have a lot of "updating" room on facebook, please try to sound a little smart...please.

  2. Just wait until someone gets you addicted to only get 140 characters...You have to really bve sharp and smart to pst your vanities on that one!

  3. I thought I was the only one who was driven crazy by this new language. It takes for forever to figure out what they are trying to say. I'll take whole words any day!

  4. Who is this girl? If she's not a close friend, I'd delete her. That's just too obnoxious for me to deal with!

  5. Block her, block her now! I could barely stand to read just that one update!

  6. agree...that just makes my eyes bleed.

  7. I hate text talk for the most part, I do use "u" "r" but most annoy me, I have friend on facebook too. annoying. delete her, she may never know you have.

  8. haha I would have to say I totally agree! drives me crazy :-)

  9. Some people do talk like they text, in my experience. I am like you, and tend to use the full words and punctuation. I'm not a stickler for capitalization though. I work with college students and I imagine they laugh at my long text messages with no abbreviations.

  10. This is truly hysterical. And by that, I mean true and hysterical!

    I cringe, but I find myself writing "U" for "you" and "R" for "are." This took time and courage, though!

    I've even used "UR" for "your" and "thnx" for "thanks." Ouch.

    I'm not as adept as the younger crowd... so far!!

    By the way, thnx 4 addressing this important issue!

  11. Oh girl. I hear ya! I only shorten on Twitter when I'm forced to. Sometimes I've been caught using a "srsly" or a "fo realz" but that's because those are funny. ;)

  12. I agree with you completely!