You Guys Are Good

I can't get anything past you! So, yeah. I'm pregnant! I'm 12 weeks now and starting to come out of my couch coma. Seriously, I've been on the couch for so long, I almost forgot how to walk. I'm not complaining, just pointing out why I've been so scarce!

This pregnancy is going pretty well and I'm so close to being out of the "Oh my gosh, I'm about to puke" stage so things are looking up! Brother and Sister are both very excited and hoping this turns out to be a sister. They've been so adamant about it that I made them both swear that they'll still love the baby should it be a boy. They half-heartedly promised.

Big Daddy is excited about the baby although I think he's more excited that I'm nearing the end of this first trimester. The man deserves a medal for all the extra work he's been doing around here. And because he's so fabulous, he says things like, "Honey, just lay right there! You're doing exactly what you need to be doing...taking care of our baby." See? AMAZING.

Let's see, there's so much more that I've been too tired to type out. We heard a few weeks ago that we may move to Arizona on very short notice. Turns out it was just the Air Force playing a joke on us so we're still staying put for another year. This is actually fine with us and we decided that since we were staying, we needed two things to make this next year more crazy fun for us. 1) More space for a baby and all of the baby stuff. 2) A better school district for Sister to attend 1st grade. (This school thing could be a whole series of posts all on it's own.)

We solved both problems by signing a lease on a house we love in a great school district with an extra bedroom. See? I have been doing something besides laying on the couch!

Also? If you have had a baby in the last few years, I could use some recommendations because I haven't had a baby in over 4 years and also? We have to throw out all of our baby gear because our garage flooded and it's now gross and moldy. Hang on.

Sorry, that gross and moldy part made me a little sick. I'm back now. It's all good.

At any rate, I'll try not to turn this into a pregnancy blog but I'm not making any promises because, people? I'm in a fog and need the assistance of you able minded folks. Thank you so much for all of your congrats and sweet words. Y'all are the best. Seriously!