Saturday, June 27, 2009

How Quickly Things Change

Remember how I told you I was working on a post for Sister's sixth birthday? It may be a while before you see that post. Most likely it will appear around her seventh birthday.

The day after my last post (that would be Thursday), Big Daddy came home with the news that there was a good chance that we'd be moving to Louisiana. Soon.

I consider myself a pretty experienced military wife and I've heard this "you may be moving" story so many times in the past year with no results that I've grown numb to the announcements. (I do realize that terrible run on sentence. Trust me, there will be worse grammatical errors in this post and I won't have the time or energy to correct them.) Anywho, I kept it in mind but really thought it would never happen. You know, since we just signed a lease on a house here and are scheduled to move in there in two weeks.

God has such a sense of humor.

By lunch time the next day, we had official paperwork saying we are on our way (SOON) to the beautiful (I think) state of Louisiana. As an aside, if you consider yourself an expert on this particular state, please feel free to click that link over there on the side and email me all the details you can spare.

I'll be flying out before the sun rises tomorrow to visit our future city and look at houses and schools. I'm on a short schedule there and hope that I can pack a ton into this trip since we are going SOON! Apparently, school starts down there way before it does here so I need to be an expert on the area by the end of the week.


I hope all of that makes sense because I'm flying out in 10ish hours and I haven't even started to pack so I'm thinking proofreading may not fit into the schedule tonight. If you have a moment to spare a prayer for my safety, sanity and searching, please do so. I'd love you forever. Not that I don't already love you forever.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Instead Of Explaining Or Apologizing, How About Some Big News?

My, my, my. Look down there are the last time I posted.

June 2.

I'm so ashamed. I have a million excuses. Really, I do. The biggest of them is that hello? It's summer and I'm not sick and couch bound anymore so I am out of our leaky and smelly house as much as possible. Also? The kids are all done with school and they actually want to like do stuff. I should be telling you that packing for the move that is rapidly sneaking up on me is the reason I've been absent but that would be a lie. I haven't packed the first thing. I have given some thought to where I'll put furniture in the new house and that has to count for something. Right?

Today is Sister's sixth birthday and I have this whole sappy post in my head as a tribute to her and her loveliness but I'm thinking I may share that another day. She won't mind because if there is anyone on this Earth that loves to stretch her birthday out to last a whole month, it's her. Instead, I got her THE thing she's been asking for since she could talk.

What? You actually want to know what it is?

We got her a baby SISTER. Yes, we had an appointment yesterday with our amazing doctor (who, by the way, is moving soon and I'm trying to come up with clever ways to make his whole family stay here because I love them too much to see them go!) and he assured us that Baby #3 is a female type.

Both kids were very excited since they were both hoping for a girl. Sister's first response was to ask if we could leave right that second and start shopping for pretty pink clothes for the baby and perhaps a matching outfit or twelve for her.

Brother's response was a little different but no less excited.

"Oh boy, I'm going to need two mouths now!"

"Brother, why in the world would you need another mouth?"

"I'll need two so I can tell them both to be quiet!"

See? You can't fake excitement like that, people.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Right now, we are on vacation. One mile away from our house. At least, that's what my children think. I'm not going to be the one to tell them that we are really just staying at the hotel on base for several days while the plumbing is fixed (FINALLY) in our house. I've learned so much while we are staying here.

1. We don't need toys. We didn't bring any toys except their one stuffed animal to sleep with and you know what? They have been just fine. They are using their imagination and putting on singing and dancing shows during the day. But the highlight? Spinning in circles for hours in the office chair. Good times, folks.

2. If it wasn't for all of our junk stuff, we would be able to live in a 500 sq. ft. apartment. I'm thinking this would be ideal because I always know where everyone is and they can hear me from anywhere and I have less space to clean. Awesome.

3. Adding to the above, it would even more awesome if the 500 sq.ft. apartment came with a super sweet lady to clean daily and make the beds like this hotel room does.

4. Hotel internet connections aren't very reliable (especially when they are free) and they are super s-l-o-w. My Google Reader is bursting at the seams as is my inbox. I did read a book in less than 24 hours and have watched numerous live talent shows from an adorable 4 & 5 year old in all of the time I now have.

5. I have fallen completely in love with those room darkening curtains in hotels. I am thinking about getting some for the kid's bedroom at home. Mine, too.

6. If anyone knows a magic trick to open a front loading washer/dryer combo once the thing has locked up tight for eternity, let me know. The one in our room is moody and once we put clothes in there, we never know how long until the thing decides to give them back. I almost had to go to Target in my jammies yesterday.

7. I do miss blogging and hearing from all of my buddies here. Y'all miss me too, right?