Instead Of Explaining Or Apologizing, How About Some Big News?

My, my, my. Look down there are the last time I posted.

June 2.

I'm so ashamed. I have a million excuses. Really, I do. The biggest of them is that hello? It's summer and I'm not sick and couch bound anymore so I am out of our leaky and smelly house as much as possible. Also? The kids are all done with school and they actually want to like do stuff. I should be telling you that packing for the move that is rapidly sneaking up on me is the reason I've been absent but that would be a lie. I haven't packed the first thing. I have given some thought to where I'll put furniture in the new house and that has to count for something. Right?

Today is Sister's sixth birthday and I have this whole sappy post in my head as a tribute to her and her loveliness but I'm thinking I may share that another day. She won't mind because if there is anyone on this Earth that loves to stretch her birthday out to last a whole month, it's her. Instead, I got her THE thing she's been asking for since she could talk.

What? You actually want to know what it is?

We got her a baby SISTER. Yes, we had an appointment yesterday with our amazing doctor (who, by the way, is moving soon and I'm trying to come up with clever ways to make his whole family stay here because I love them too much to see them go!) and he assured us that Baby #3 is a female type.

Both kids were very excited since they were both hoping for a girl. Sister's first response was to ask if we could leave right that second and start shopping for pretty pink clothes for the baby and perhaps a matching outfit or twelve for her.

Brother's response was a little different but no less excited.

"Oh boy, I'm going to need two mouths now!"

"Brother, why in the world would you need another mouth?"

"I'll need two so I can tell them both to be quiet!"

See? You can't fake excitement like that, people.