Sunday, November 1, 2009


One of the first things I fell in love with about our neighborhood was the fact that there were so many beautiful, mature trees.

Ironically, on Thursday afternoon as I huddled with my children in total darkness in our bathtub while a tornado ripped through our neighborhood, those trees caused fear deep within my soul. If any of the ones immediately surrounding our house were to fall, we were in trouble. We've had rain for weeks on end now with very little break for the ground to dry. With the heavy saturation, I knew that the tornado and winds could cause even more havoc in our neighborhood.

What seemed like an eternity passed and I could hear police and fire sirens whizzing past our house. I knew that if they were out, the worst was over. Leaving the kids in our safe place, I snuck out to survey the situation. Our neighborhood was alive with people milling about and police, fire and ambulance workers crowding the streets.

I cried as I looked around and realized just how blessed we were. I called Big Daddy to let him know we were safe and hearing his voice made me cry even harder. We were safe. We have trees down in the yard (none on the house!), shutters and shingles off the house and our fence was down...but we were safe. The worst damage was done by our beautiful old oak tree. The entire thing is now resting on top of our neighbor's car.

One block up from us, is a far more devastating scene. Houses are without their roofs and a few caught on fire from lightening strikes.

We ended up back in our "safe place" for another hour that night praying that the meteorologist was wrong and that another storm wasn't heading our way. Thankfully, we only got severe thunder storms for the rest of the evening. Even better, this time we were all together because Big Daddy was home. Something about his presence and just having all of us together made it all seem less horrible.

Most of us now have electricity back on and the cleaning up process is well underway. In the past few days, we've seen the best of people and the worst. The best is neighbors checking on each other and strangers stopping to help clean up fallen trees. The worst is the non-stop line of people knocking down our door offering to help for a small fortune.

I will post pictures in a couple of days as we have time to sort through them. I also have updates on the baby growing process this week. I know I've been terrible about updating my blog and I really do miss it and I promise to do better. I miss all of my blog friends and this funk I've been in is hopefully ending and I'll be a posting fool in no time.


  1. Oh, no! That's so scary. We've had to go to our "safe place" several times, but have only had very minimal damage. It sure makes you feel humble & small, doesn't it? I'm glad you're okay, and I hope your neighborhood recovers quickly.

  2. So happy to hear you are all safe. Growing up in Ohio, we used to practice "taking cover" in school. Having to do it for real is the most terrifying feeling in the world, isn't it? Hopefully you won't have to experience that again any time soon. Be well!

  3. I'm so glad you are all okay. I know just how scared you were. We had a tornado here in August and I don't think I have ever been that scared. Glad big daddy got home to help you feel safe again.

  4. Glad you are okay. And it's nice to see you again in my Reader. :0)

  5. Oh Heather that is so scary. I am so glad you are ok,


  6. My heart is still in my throat thinking of you and the kids during this most frightful and awful time. I am so relieved and grateful for your well-being and I pray the worst is over, over, over for your family, your neighborhood and your region. I think about you every single day... and I AM VERY excited to hear news about the baby! Sending much, much love... Sharon

  7. Breathing a huge sigh of relief that you guys are all ok!!!

  8. So sorry you had to go through that. So scary. Living in Colorado for 18 years we had lots of tornado watches but I don't remember a tornado close enough that we actually had to seek shelter.

    I hope the clean up goes quickly!

  9. Hi sweet friend! Life is gradually getting back to "normal" for me so I'm hoping to be able to visit everyone more often.

    Praise God you were all safe. I went through a similar situation when my children were small and I still remember the fear.


  10. Oh, Heather, I am SO SORRY this happened to you.

    I am thankful that you are safe...

  11. Oh my goodness, I am so glad y'all are okay and safe! I'm so clueless, I had no idea that even happened up near y'all! I'm sure you were petrified, I know I would have been.

    Hope the clean-up goes smoothly and quickly and that the bad weather stays away!