Hello in There! (Echo, Echo)

Well, would you just take a look at this place! Cobwebs and dust have taken over. Whomever is in charge around here should be fired.
Wait, that's me. On second thought, I'll just clean up a bit and show you some pictures of the sweet person who has recently taken up all of my blogging time.

There, is that better? You're not still cross with me for leaving you hanging, are you?

Let me tell you something. If I were getting paid by the hour for the amount of time I spend staring at that face, I would be a wealthy woman. She's just so cute that I can't take my eyes off of her. She's also sweet. She also is just this week learning to sleep more than a couple of hours at a time at night so there's another reason for you as to why I've been MIA. However, we are turning a corner thanks to a little tip from a couple of bloggy friends. Seriously, it makes me all twitchy to think about how wrapped up she must feel when she's swaddled but she loves it.

Baby C is over two months now (!!) and over 12lbs. She's growing so, so fast. I feel like I am savoring every single second of her infancy because I realize how quickly it's going. I want to keep her this way forever, is that so wrong?

Closing out this most random post in the whole world, I wanted to tell you that you should go over to Pampers and request a sample of their newly designed Cruisers. My life pretty much revolves around diapers these days and I've already been let down by two other brands when I strayed from our trusty Pampers. I won't be straying again anytime soon! This new design hits shelves in March and will be thinner and more absorbent thanks to their new Dry Max! They aren't even paying me to tell you but you can bet I'll be getting a sample just like you can. By the way, if your sample arrives with the Team USA stamp, you will win a one year supply of Pampers. And then I will officially be jealous and beg you to share. Just kidding. Sort of.

Now that this place is all cleaned up, I'm hoping to get back to regularly scheduled posting. As long as you don't mind the typos since I'll be typing one handed and with my eyes focused on the baby in my arms. I'm telling you, it's so hard to look away.