Someone Should Tell That Girl on The Bachelorette That This is What Love Really Looks Like

A few days ago, everyone in our house got up on the wrong side of the bed. We were all walking around with our crabby pants on and sneering at one another in passing.

I finally announced to the kids that enough was enough and doggone it, we were going to have a good day. I then trotted into the kitchen where Big Daddy was getting coffee for us (because he is a very good and smart man, even on his crabby days!) and placed my hands on his shoulders. I turned him to look at me and drew him close. Leaning in, I looked deep into his eyes and said, "This will be a good day. You will be in a good mood."

Without hesitating, he placed his hands on my shoulders and took a step back.

With love in his eyes, he said, "And, you will go use some mouthwash."