Meeting Blog Friends = LOVE!

I've been reading Elaine's blog for a long time and she's one of my favorites. Last year, when we found out that we were moving to LA, she announced right around that same time that they were moving here, too! We were also both pregnant with our third baby at the time! Even though her new home was going to be a few hours from mine, I loved that she'd be in the same state! (Apparently, meeting new blog friends also brings out my over-use of the exclamation mark! Who knew?)

Fast forward to last Friday, we finally got together with all of our adorable kiddos and went to the zoo!
(This poor tiger was so pitiful! It was SO HOT that day and she (he?) just laid there panting and barely even noticed that we were there.)

Our older kids (babies were in the stroller) L to R: Brother, Sister, B Man, Little G
See? Baby C in the stroller. She did so well that day despite the crazy heat! Baby K did awesome, too and I can't for the life of me figure out how I didn't get a picture of that sweetie!
After the zoo, we headed to lunch and then to the most delicious cupcake shop in the state of LA. Well, their shop isn't delicious (although it may be, I just haven't tasted it) but their cupcakes are AMAZING. Seriously.
We all had so much fun meeting Elaine and her sweet kids! On the way home, Sister kept telling me just how sweet Mrs. Elaine was and how we really need to get together again with her. I couldn't agree more!
If you have a chance to meet a blog friend in person, I highly recommend it!
I've got a ton to tell you guys about. Stay tuned for tales of our Summer of Medical Anomalies. I promise, it's a doozy. I mean, if you're into that sort of thing. And, really? Who doesn't like to hear about someone else's family medical issues that causes them to spend an entire summer vacation running from specialist to specialist all over town? Wait. Don't answer that.