Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Please and Thank You

The baby woke up last night before I even got the chance to get to bed. As I was rocking her in the semi-darkness of her room, my heart begged God to let her stay tiny and to always let me rock her.

I continued to rock and hold on tight knowing that my heart's request cannot be granted.

I felt an urging to pray for my babies. All three of them. As I started to pray, my heart paused.

"Lord, please..." was all that I could muster before a lump formed in my throat.

No matter, He knows my heart. He knows that I desire so much for these treasures that He's given to me. I don't have to beg him for their safety or wellbeing. He knows even better than me what they need.

I continue to rock, holding on to my precious baby as she pats my arm.

I'm so thankful for my family. Including my sweet husband, these four people are more of a blessing to me than I could have ever known possible.

"Lord, thank you so, so much..." Again, my words are caught in my throat and I can't continue.

Sometimes, I feel as though my offerings to Him are inadequate. My words always fall short. Tonight I'm reminded that my words are not most important.

The attitude of my heart tonight is simply, "Lord, please. And, thank You."

*After I finished typing this post, I saw Angie's update pop up on my reader. If she updates, I'm reading, y'all. She always speaks right to me. She didn't let me down. Please, read her post from tonight if you haven't already...our hearts are on the same page but her words are much more eloquent than mine.


  1. Hi sweet friend!

    Thanks for your sweet comment tonight. I somehow lost you when I transferred my list, so I was thrilled when I saw your comment tonight so I could find you again. You haven't posted too much since my last visit, so I've had fun playing "catch up" tonight. The kids are absolutely adorable.

    Love this post.


  2. Enjoyed your blog and I love your design and layout...

  3. It's overwhelming at times how much we love them and how thankful we are. He knows. I really feel He knows...

    Nice post Heather...

  4. I'm the same way, but I know He knows my intentions. I won't let that always be my excuse and all I hold on to, but I can only imagine He knows what it's like for us mothers... :)


  5. Aren't we blessed that Christ makes intercession for us! There is no way we can really explain all that is in our hearts but Christ already knows! He just wants to hear us communicate with Him because he loves us sooo much. He is just so perfect that He doesn't get a lump in His throat when He talks about us.
    I love you girl and love your honesty!! Most of us mommies have been there.