Thank You Lord for Health Insurance

This summer will forever be known to us as The Summer Of Appointments.

We started off our summer by taking the older two in to have some warts removed. Sister has a couple of large ones on her hands and Brother has a cluster of smaller ones on his knee. The pediatrician sent Sister to a dermatologist to have hers taken care of but because Brother's were smaller, she felt like they could freeze them in her office. I'll sum this up for you quickly. They both still have the same amount of warts that they had in the beginning of the summer. They've each had them frozen multiple times and we have been putting a strong ointment (given by the dermatologist) on them in between appointments. Most recently, he suggested we put duct tape on them on alternating days. Still, we have warts. Any advice?

Next, Baby C got a slight fever in the beginning of the summer. We figured it was a virus since it wasn't very high, we were going to let it run it's course. Four days later, it was still there with no other symptoms so we took her in. Turns out, she had a UTI. Because she was only six months at the time and no baby that young has any business with a UTI, it signaled a red flag for the pediatrician. We told him that Sister is prone to UTI's and he was really concerned. Again, I'll give you the really short version. Several catheters (for Baby C, Sister only had to have one) and visits to both the pedi and urologist later, we know that both of our girls have a genetic condition called Vesicoureteral Reflux. We are praying that the condition heals on it's own over time. Sister's already appears to be getting better though she has had a UTI at each check up, despite being on daily antibiotics. Baby C goes back in another month to be checked and to say that I'm dreading it would be an understatement since the only way to get a urine sample from a baby her age is to do yet ANOTHER catheter.

NEXT, (Oh yes, there's more!) Baby C had a small allergic reaction to something that she ate. This was followed by another slightly more severe but still not terrible reaction to something else. The following week, I was feeding her and two bites in, she started breaking out in hives. Within a few minutes, she was covered in hives and her eyes started to swell shut. She was rubbing and scratching at her face and eyes and we were scared out of our minds. We gave her a dose of allergy meds and just watched her. It took over an hour for the hives to even start going away. The next day we were back at the pediatrician (by now, I think they expect to see us at least once a week) and a day after that in the allergist's office. He thought it was probably an allergy to milk products since two of the three times, she was eating something that was yogurt based. I was hoping that it was the berries that were also present those two times because berries are easier to stay away from than milk products. He sent us in for blood tests to determine the allergen.

I'm going to pause right here and tell you that if you think watching your six month old baby get a catheter is heart breaking, let me assure you that watching her two months later have to get blood drawn from her tiny little veins while being held down by two people and sitting on your lap begging you with her big blue eyes to help her is so much worse.

Back to the allergist. Today he told us that the tests came back that she was clear for milk products and berries. Yes, folks. Both of the things he tested her for, she is not actually allergic to.

If this weren't happening to us, I'd think this part was funny. Just before we went in, I told Big Daddy that my biggest fear for the appointment today would be that the things he tested her for were not what she was allergic to and that we would have to go through this all again.

Ha. Ha.

He now wants us to bring in a sample of whole milk, strawberry and blueberry to do a skin prick test on her. On Friday. Three days from now. Which also happens to be my birthday.

School starts next week here and we still have warts, we still have kidney reflux and we still don't know what the baby is allergic to. We do know how to administer epinephrine if she has another reaction. We do know that she is not allergic to breast milk and cheerios so she's basically having those and nothing else because I live in fear of another reaction. We do know that no matter what, no matter how many appointments we've had (and it's a lot, I'm going to look over our calendar and count them soon), no matter how many answers we don't have, there is One who knows all of the answers.

I'm praying every single day that He holds my babies tight and keeps them healthy. I also beg Him to give me a peace that passes all understanding and to make next summer way more fun and healthy than this one was.