Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Well Done, Son. Well done.

I don't have road rage.

No, really. I don't.

I do, however, think that stupid people should not be allowed to drive. Oh, I'm kidding. Everyone should be allowed to drive. As long as they follow my rules.

I have a habit of mumbling rude things under my breath at other drivers as I deem necessary. I try to keep it as much on the down low as possible because I'm rarely alone in the car and I don't want the Little People repeating something they've heard from me while I'm instructing folks on the proper use of the left lane. Or perhaps the turn signal. I'm just saying, people. It's there for a reason.

Recently, someone pulled out in front of me on a busy road, causing me to stop suddenly.


Oops. All three kids were with me. Thank goodness no one seemed to notice my name calling and they all remained silent.

For about twenty two seconds, at least.

Then, Brother piped up. "Uh, Mom?"

"Yes, buddy?"

"Have you ever wondered if the people in the other cars sometimes call you an idiot?"

Ah, my boy. You hold my heart in your hands. Your innocence is beautiful. You are grounded until you're twenty.


  1. Too funny!

    I talk out loud to other drivers too. I remember, oh so clearly, one day when our daughter was 15 or so. I said something out loud to a driver and she said "Uh, Mom they can't hear you". A year later when she was learning to drive she suddenly began talking to other drivers out loud too. Oh what fun it was for me to remind her that they couldn't hear her. LOL


  2. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! I love that kid!

  3. I said the same EXACT word in the school pick-up line the other day. And boy did I regret it after. The 3 year old seemed to make it his "word of the day" after that. Ugh.

    And sorry, but I laughed a little at your little guy... ;P

  4. Boo said the same thing to me a few weeks ago. I try to mumble quietly, but sometimes it just doesn't work.

  5. Heather... just thinking about you. How ARE you? Where did you go?