Friday Confessions

I love reading Blonde Ambition's Confessional Friday posts and I always think about participating and then before I know it, it's Saturday and I'd feel lame showing up so late to the party.
Since it's still actually Friday, I'm down with the confessing, friends.
1) I am so not ready for my kids to go back to school. Or my husband to go back to work. (He took this week off.) I ran into three different people at the grocery store today who said they couldn't wait for their kids to go back and I was all, "Really? 'Cuz I need at least another week!" What can I say? I love having my people with me.
2) England is taking some getting used to. I've come a long way in the four months we've been here but it's not the easy breezy I thought it would be. This is coming from someone who moves every two years and usually adjusts pretty quickly. I think it's because we loved LA so much but I miss my friends. I miss the south. By golly, I miss Chick-Fil-A. Amen.
3) Over this holiday I have become addicted to playing Rock Band. I'm the singer. Always. I can belt some tunes like nobody's business. Rock Band: Making people who can't carry a tune feel like a Rock Star since 2011.
4) I need to exercise. Oh, the jiggle in my rear.
5) I will eat these words very soon but right now, I'm loving Caroline at two years old. She's talking more and loves her Mama like nothing else. She even gives me an unprompted "I love you" lately. I'm head over heels. I'm wrapped around that little finger and she knows it.
6) We took down our Christmas decorations today. I would have had them down on the 26th but J. talked me down. We are in a small house and I needed our space back in order. We had them down and put away in about ten minutes flat.
Whew. That was fun! Now, if Friday will stop sneaking away before I get a chance to post, I'll do this again!