One of my first blogging friends, Kat, just came back from a bit of a blogging break.  I was so thankful to see her writing again and reading her blog took me back to my early days of blogging. I still read and visit so many of my friends from those days.

I started this blog SEVEN years ago.  How is that even possible? I remember agonizing for over a year before I started blogging because I needed a creative name.  Should I even be surprised that the same perfection that caused me to pine over the name is what has kept me from writing? You see, I started to think that I could only write here when I had something interesting to share.  A funny story to share was better than the mundane details of our daily lives.  We moved to England and I honestly lost the ability to cope with anything more than my mundane details so sharing them seemed overwhelming.  J's new job there brought added stress along with the stress of moving our little family overseas and adjusting to SO many new things at once. Survival became my sole focus for two solid years.

We did have a great time in England and we miss it already! We did our share of traveling around Europe and experiencing things I'd only dreamed I'd ever get to do. We made friends that will be a part of our heart and lives forever.  It was brilliant.

All the while, in a corner of my heart reserved just for a passion I've had since high school, I still longed to write here.  I wanted to share with my friends what I was experiencing.  I wanted to tell you all how quickly the the kids were growing and changing.  I wanted to preserve some of those memories for myself because I often come back here and browse my own archives to refresh my memory of the early years with tiny children around my feet playing and growing.

Before I knew it, our two years was over.  The job that my husband had trained for and coveted his entire career was over.  (He wasn't fired.  In the military, this particular job is a two year assignment.) It stretched us and changed us.  It challenged us and molded us.  We came back to the states this summer five people who were unrecognizable to the five who left.

So, here I am.  We are back in the states and back in our beloved south.  We are all huddled around watching Auburn play in the championship game tonight and though we've lived here for only a few short months, we are fans.

Of the state and their football teams.

Of the people.

Of the new job that has slowed our pace and been a balm to our weary souls.

J. and Jillian have been sweetly hinting that it might be time to find my passion for writing again.  I think (and hope) they are right.

2014 is going to be a good year.