Weather Wimps

I grew up in the south.  I like to think that southern folk are tough.  We can handle 100 degrees with 100% humidity and barely glisten.

There is, however, one thing that we can't handle.  Cold weather. My kids got an extra day of vacation today because it's cold out.  And, there's a two hour delay tomorrow.

Listen, I'm not complaining.  I love having them home and every Sunday night, I get really sad because I know that Monday means they are leaving me to go back to school.  I just think it's funny that the weather dipped below freezing and we're out of school.  When we first got the call, I rationalized it in my head with thoughts like, "Well, the kids here just don't have the winter gear to be out in this kind of weather. Imagine those babies standing out at the bus stop in their windbreaker when the temp is 11 degrees."

I logged onto Facebook today and immediately felt like the south is full of a bunch of wimps.  My friend in NYC had her precious boy all bundled up in so many layers that he looked like Ralphie's little brother.  She was walking him to school.  In the snow.  Four miles and uphill both ways, I'm sure.

My kids were home today because it's cold out.

Regardless of why they were home, I was happy to have them.  I'm feeling pretty somber tonight about having to send them back tomorrow.

We had a lot of family in over the Christmas break because J. was promoted and they all came down for the ceremony. We had 14 extra people in the house and we loved every second of it.  As we all sat around talking one night, I noticed a familiar look on J's face.  I asked if he was ok and he said, "I am.  I'm so content."  As a smile spread across his face, I realized that I felt the exact same way.  Being surrounded by our people makes us happy.

Tomorrow brings back a familiar routine of packing lunches and carpool lines and homework.  I think I'll start my summer break countdown now.