Life in the Middle

The school year is officially underway and my kids are in yet another new school.  They don't seem to mind (yet!) and are all three doing really well. We've finally found a teacher who seems to be a good fit for Keller and he's (mostly) enjoying the challenges of 4th grade.  Jillian is settled into 6th grade and has already joined the middle school volleyball team.  She's currently sitting out due to a small stress fracture in her foot but she's counting down the days until she's off the bench and on the floor with her team again.  Caroline is in pre-K and although she says differently, she seems to really enjoy it.  She loves to say that she doesn't like it much and that her favorite part of the day is when I pick her up but I can see the truth behind her sweet smile as she says goodbye to her friends each day. She's doing just fine.

I'm enjoying the new house, new school, new schedule of life these days.  I only have two and a half hours of alone time since preschool is short but I am really finding my rhythm during those brief moments. I'm still doing Bible study at our church and I'm about to host a shoe cutting party for Sole Hope for our church. (By the way, Sole Hope is an amazing organization doing important work. Check them out!)

J. is loving his new job and is doing really well. He's in a great men's Bible study and is trying (trying) to finish up his school work that is required for advancement in the Air Force.

I keep trying to put a label on this period of life for our little family.  We are in the busy season with three kids, their activities, and our activities. But, I'm not kidding myself that this season won't seem like a relaxing vacation once we hit the teenage years.  I'm trying so hard to savor the days, to lock away every little memory in the corners of my heart because I know they are fleeting.  Jillian won't always want to link arms with me as we walk into a store.  Keller won't always want just one more snuggle before bed time.  And, Caroline won't always smoosh her face so hard into mine that it's difficult to tell where I end and she begins.

For now, I'm just enjoying life with my people. No label needed.