Weekly Chat

This week has been full of ups and downs for our family. Brace yourself for a random chatty catch up.

Jillian went back to the orthopedic specialist for her foot. She'd been wearing the boot for four weeks, missing out on a good portion of her volleyball season and was still in pain. We went back to our GP, who had done two x-rays. The first diagnosed the stress fracture in her foot. The second, four weeks later, confirmed that the stress fracture is still there, not yet healed. So, they referred us to a local ortho. She took one look at the scans our doc had sent over and pointed out that Jillian actually has two stress fractures in that foot and that they had her in the wrong type of boot. So, she's wearing the new boot for three more weeks, at least. This means she will miss her final volleyball game of the season. She's bummed but it's a small price to pay for making sure that foot heals properly.

My leg is still giving me fits. The swelling and bruising are really attractive, let me tell you. I don't know what else to say about it. I'm hoping that the worst is behind me and by the time the weekend rolls around, I'll be able to get around better sans crutches...and sans pain. 

We are headed to Chattanooga this weekend to meet up with our family! I can't wait to see everyone and spend some time with J's sisters and my crazy cute nephews. Good times will be had, for sure. Chattanooga is a great city and every time we go, I find another favorite thing. 

We have to make eye appointments for two of our three children who failed their school eye exam. One of those was with glasses. I'm not sure they weren't just goofing off and not paying attention but we'll see. It's likely that we may end up with three kids wearing glasses. God love them, I had really hoped they didn't their eye sight from me.

I'm so glad fall TV is back. We are watching our favorites from last season: Blacklist (THE BEST), Castle and Modern Family. We also like the new show, Forever, on ABC. We are barely hanging on to Revenge by a thread. It started out so good but I feel like they are floundering for a story now. I lost track of Grey's Anatomy when we moved to England but seeing the commercials for it now, I'm wishing I'd kept up! And, I'm probably the only person who hasn't seen Scandal. What shows do you love? 

Finally, I will leave you with this. Jimmy Fallon is the best.